Calvary Baptist Church Adult Education Building

The adult education building at Calvary Baptist represents the first religious facility commission for ADA and the first of more than 25 commissions by ADA at Calvary Baptist. It replaced the two original facilities built on the site in the 1960’s that had become outdated and restrictive to traffic flow.

The facility is three stories, with one floor completely below grade. It serves as a vital link between the sanctuary and Christian Activity Center, facilitating the flow of over 1800 persons through it twice per Sunday. It also expands the church lobby and provides an identifying entry point to the complex.

The adult education building contains a two-story lobby addition, dining room and commercial kitchen serving 1,200, aerobics room, reception room, 5,000 square foot media center, bridal suite, prayer suite, 50 classrooms, choir practice suite, music ministry offices and music library.

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