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Working with ADA

Owners and architects are more frequently seeking the services of a design consultant to provide successful project direction.  ADA provides consulting design services and has for dozens of projects.  This has most often been the case in the religious facility market.

With a resume that contains over 325 church commissions, ADA has the experience to guide church projects through the critical initial design phase.  That experience can assist churches and architects by:

  • Understanding denominational influences on church design.
  • Knowing where minimum building codes leave churches short
  • Bringing an understanding of the experience of church attendance and worship to the design
  • Seeking to be aware of new church design influences
  • Understanding how people flow through a church facility

Your Design Consultant:

As a design consultant, ADA can partner with churches or architects.  In this role, ADA can:

  • Consult with clients to draft the design program and complete the initial schematic design documents
  • Review proposed designs for areas of improvement and potential construction cost savings
  • Provide construction period services for quality control

Serving on a National Capacity

ADA has served as a design consultant on a national basis.  Included in these projects are:

  • West Angeles Church of God in Christ - Los Angeles, California
  • Perfecting Church - Detroit, Michigan
  • The Holy Land Experience - Orlando, Florida
  • Trinity Church - Cedar Hill, Texas
  • First Assembly of God - Minot, North Dakota
  • Remnant Ministries - Las Vegas Nevada
  • Downtown Baseball Stadium - Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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