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Our Services

ADA is a full-service design firm.  As such, we can work with you through all of the traditional project development stages as outlined here:

  • Delineate the Need:  Meeting with the client to discuss their needs, issues and concerns.
  • Pre-Design: Establishing the general project scope, costs and regulatory compliance.
  • Schematic Design:  Developing the initial project design and feel.
  • Working Drawings:  Completing the final documents for construction permits.
  • Bidding and Negotiation: Getting the contractors selected and under contract.
  • Project Construction: Representing the client and guiding the project through the construction process.
  • Project Close-Out and Occupancy: Finishing the project correctly and completely for a smooth transition into occupancy.
  • Post-Occupancy:  Managing warranties and building evaluations.

Additional Services Include:

Additional Services from ADA include the items listed here.

  • Feasibility Studies:  Once a need is imagined, these studies investigate the abilities to meet the need and they establish how to get there.
  • Master Plans: These take the imagined need and fully establish the site, building, financial and regulatory parameters.
  • Facility Analysis:  Aging building can be evaluated for continued use.  Existing buildings can be analyzed for renovation and/or addition, as well as for repurposing.

Our Non-Traditional Services

More and more often, as clients express a need, our response is "We can work with you to do that!"

  • Needs Analysis: Long-range analysis of future needs.  This could also be described as a services master plan.
  • Visualization:  Using 3-D tools to quickly analyze and/or suggest planned additions or renovations.


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