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ADA believes building relationships is the real key to designing successful buildings. Through the client relationship process, ADA:

  • Discovers what makes each clients’ situation unique
  • Understands how our clients operate
  • Learns what is important to each client
  • Establishes what it will take to make each project 100% successful

In this way, ADA seeks to understand our clients as fully as possible. Through this understanding comes a final product that is unique and supports everything it was designed to do for decades to come.

As the process unfolds, ADA will:

  • Listen intently for the project requirements
  • Translate those needs into a written program or scope of work
  • Investigate and establish what makes each client unique
  • Fashion designs that reflect the clients’ need and character
  • Establish a project budget and schedule
  • Develop accurate drawings that are code-compliant
  • Manage the construction process for quality control

As the project architect, ADA will:

  • Begin a client relationship built on service, trust and integrity
  • Foster a client relationship based on listening, friendship and respect
  • Maintain a client relationship via attendance at the church, patronage of the business or use of the public facility

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